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The Post Modern Era of art is so fascination and unique because there is not one “type” that all the art follows.

These 3 pavement art pieces were done by Kurt Wenner. He is an American artist who has spent a lot of his time in Italy. In 1982 Wenner left his job at NASA to pursue his love for art. He is best known for his 3-Dimensional creations on pavement and sidewalks but has done numerous other pieces including paintings, sculptures, and even architectural designs. These pieces of his really caught my eye because of how realistic and 3 dimensional they look, at first glance you don’t even realize you are looking at pavement art.


These pieces by James Rawson immediately caught my eye the first time I saw them and I was so intrigued that I had to look up more pieces by Rawson. Rawson is an English artist who resides in Norfolk, England. He is a self proclaimed postmodern pop artist. He mostly uses collages and paintings for mediums. He is inspired the perception of pop culture. I love his work because of the bright colors and how he makes objects blend together so nicely that you wouldn’t think have any place of being in the same picture together.


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2 thoughts on “Post Modern Blog”

  1. I like the pieces you chose by James Rawson. Pop art is a good theme and I can see why you appreciate the works of the artists. James Rawson 9 is a very interesting photo. I agree that he has an eloquent way of making objects blend together that naturally wouldn’t go together. The graffiti in the back round is an interesting touch.


  2. I think that you are right in that there is no way to capture all of the different styles of art there are today in the modern era. I think you chose some very diverse pieces that capture that idea and that are very unique and different ways of expressing ones self. I think Kurt Wenners art is very interesting especially that he was with NASA and decided to persue his art and that he was successful in both ways. I really like his 3D paintings that way even the most common people can enjoy it during their day to day.


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